November 8, 2012

Sealed with a kiss

Yeap, received two love letters, sealed with a kiss!

The boys left for Bangkok with amma and appa for a 5 days 4 night holiday. The moment Nixon knew he is booked for a holiday and will be away from home for a few days in November, he wrote us a letter in September itself (self initiated!).

He let me have a sneak preview of the letter and said he will give it to us on the day of departure. I was touched by his letter...

Nixon's letter to both of us

Having known that Nixon has written a letter for us, Thytus wanted to write one too. Just a couple of days before his trio, he managed to write and decorate the letter. Hmmm, considering that the contents of the letter is similar to Nixon's letter, I think he got his inspiration from his brother ;)

The front cover of the letter (made to look like an envelope)

Thytus's letter to both of us

I guess he meant ILU for I Love You (the code we share)
and spelt it wrongly as EULOU!

After seeing a colourful letter by Thytus, Nixon was a little sad.. that his was just a simple letter with words. Nevertheless, I assured him that his letter was very special and thoughtful as he had written it all by himself...

Thank you for the sweet and caring letters Thytus and Nixon. 
Love you both so much too *muaks* *I.L.U*
Have fun in Bangkok!     


Jeevan said...

So sweet of them... Even Nixon’s letter was simple and genuine, Thytus made impressive through his creative decoration.

Hope they have great fun in Bangkok and my advance Deepavali wishes to you all :)

geeth said...

Yes, Nixon's simple letter really touched my heart. I loved Thytus's effort to make a beautiful letter to us :)

They had fun with their grandparents :) and Happy Deepavali to you and your family.. Thanks for the wishes too :)

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