July 24, 2013

Least expected..

Thytus and Nixon had to prepare for an elocution activity at school.

I helped them outlined their speech, and edited based on their preference / comfort..

Since we were constrained for time.. having attended two functions in the weekend, the boys were having difficulty trying to remember the lines.. Nevertheless, they practiced hard... and I didn't let them go easily. I pestered them on every available minute to practice their lines... even on our journey for the functions!

The night before, after more practice, they managed..

When they came back from school, Thytus excited told me how his speech went.. He was proud of himself.. I felt happy and proud for him.. and at the same time, I shared his sense of accomplishment - after helping with the speech and practice *wink*

Nixon came up to me a said, "Thank you for the speech, amma." *melt*

I least expected the "thank you" but definitely loved the appreciation! And, this is not the first time he has thanked me for helping him with his school work..

Although they expressed themselves differently, I fondly felt their appreciation for my work in assisting them...


Jeevan said...

how sweet :) truly appropriate their attitude.

geeth said...

Yes indeed Jeevan :)
I was touched...

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